Club El Diablo

Club El Diablo
By Holly S. Roberts
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A steamy, well-drawn erotic romance by USA Today bestselling author Holly S. Roberts! Damian has secrets. Lydia has ambition. Can the two find middle ground and share their hearts? There`s only one way to find out but you must pay the price of admission...

Publisher's Description:

Fun, kinky, and oh so hot!From his international empire to his high-rise sex club that caters to the rich and kinky, Damian Collins has it all. Or, at least he thinks he has it all until a certain feisty redhead refuses his offer to work for him. Problem. . . Damian got where he is today by going after what he wants. Lydia Simmons has her goals lined out and a brighter future on the horizon. For years she`s fought to build her reputation in the kinky, BDSM world and make a place for herself. Her plan is in jeopardy when a rich playboy thinks he has a right to steer her destiny in his direction. To make it worse, Damian researched Lydia and discovered her weaknesses. After Lydia loses a bet to the megalomaniac, she becomes Damian`s employee for one month at Club El Diablo and enters the forbidden world of the ultra-spoiled rich and egotistical. Could Lydia be wrong in her assessment of th[...]

Category: Erotic Romance

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