The First Men in the Moon
By H. G. Wells
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A thrilling adventure story that offers fascinating insights into the nature of mankind, The First Men in the Moon is a timeless classic from "the father of modern science fiction."

Categories: Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

After the War
By Autumn M. Birt
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Set in Europe, this near future fiction series of novels unfolds through the intersecting lives of a small handful of people and explores adult themes, both dark and hopeful, of friendship, romance, family, lust and sex in a post apocalypse.

Category: Sci-Fi

Betrayal (The 1000 Revolution Book 1)
By Pippa Dacosta
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In a world where only one thousand synthetics were built, synthetic number One Thousand and One should not exist. She is no ordinary synth. Memories locked inside her code could bring Shepperd--and the entire nine systems--to its knees.

Category: Sci-Fi

The Vampires of Vegas Books I-III With Extras (Reign of Blood Book 4)
By Alexia Purdy
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Books one-three in the bestselling dystopian sci-fi series by Alexia Purdy! "Wonderfully written and completely enthralling! This series takes you in and makes you feel love, pain, sorrow, lost and found again." (

Category: Sci-Fi

Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix Book 1)
By Jade Kerrion
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Perfection Unleashed is the first installment in Double Helix, a series of captivating sci-fi novels. If you like non-stop action, nuanced characters, and near-future genetic engineering, then you'll love USA Today bestseller Jade Kerrion's absorbing story.

Category: Sci-Fi