INTEL 1 Omnibus
By Erec Stebbins
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A critically-acclaimed thriller series by award-winning author Erec Stebbins! "A fast-paced international thriller...the twists and turns of plot continue right up to the last emotionally-charged paragraph." (Midwest Book Review)

Category: Thriller

The Absence of Guilt (A. Scott Fenney Book 3)
By Mark Gimenez
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"One of the writers whose work is most often compared (favourably) with Grisham's, Mark Gimenez and The Absence of Guilt. This is Gimenez at epic length, but the pages turn with great rapidity." (The Independent)

Category: Legal Thriller

The Millionaire`s Wife
By Shalini Boland
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A twisty psychological thriller by acclaimed author Shalini Boland! "A truly magnificent read, loved it from start to finish... leaves you with bated breath right to the very end... that ending... I thought I was going to fall off my chair. It was so darn good..."' (Mixing Reality with Fiction)

Category: Psychological Thriller

Dead Ringer
By William Cone
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"For readers interested in the behind-the-scenes intrigue of WWII, and particularly the dissent within Germany's own ranks, this is a delightful read. A historically faithful and ingeniously thrilling account of the last throes of the second world war. ...spectacularly, chillingly successful." (Kirkus Reviews)

Categories: Historical Fiction, Thriller

Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries Vol 5-6 (The Tubby Dubonnet Series)
By Tony Dunbar
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The FIFTH and SIXTH funny, offbeat, and surprising legal thrillers in the Tubby Dubonnet series. "Take one cup of Raymond Chandler, one cup of Tennessee Williams, add a quart of salty humor, and you will get... Dunbar`s crazy mixture of crime and offbeat comedy." (The Baltimore Sun)

Category: Legal Thriller

The Devil`s Bounty (Ryan Lock #4)
By Sean Black
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"Like Lee Child`s Jack Reacher, Lock is an ex-military policeman. Unlike Reacher, he has a job (as an elite bodyguard), a home, friends and a sense of humour. Lock`s likeability contrasts with Reacher`s pomposity and Black`s style is supremely slick." (The Daily Telegraph)

Categories: Thriller, Action & Adventure

A Thousand Yesteryears (Point Pleasant Book 1)
By Mae Clair
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"Masterful, bone-chilling intense thriller. A Thousand Yesteryears will keep you guessing, gasping and turning the pages for more." (New York Times bestselling author Kevin O'Brien)

Categories: Thriller, Fantasy