Blue Hydrangeas
By Marianne Sciucco
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"Blue Hydrangeas is, by far, the most tender love story I`ve read in a very long time. While not a `happily ever after` love story, Blue Hydrangeas is sure to be one you will ponder for some time after you have finished reading it." (Lee Ambrose for Story Circle Book Reviews)

Category: Literary

Take Me With You
By Catherine Ryan Hyde
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New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde "...digs deeply into the ties of love, between both family and strangers...[with] great internal depth, and the book`s scope gives readers time to savor this memorable, moving journey." (Publishers Weekly)

Category: Literary

By D.w. Ulsterman
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An acclaimed family drama spanning decades from the time of lost love, to a family found, and finally spiritual redemption and the always-present human yearning for love and forgiveness by bestselling author, D.W. Ulsterman. "One of the best reads of the year." (Mobley Reviews)

Category: Literary

Shattered Hearts
By Rich Schiesser
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"Schiesser's novel soars as high as the Eiffel Tower and then plummets through Atlanta's gangs to a parent's worst nightmare. Absolutely un-put-downable." (Mary Arno, award-winning author of Thanksgiving)

Category: Literary

Just In Time
By Joan Lindstedt Jackson
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A critically-acclaimed literary novel by award-winning author Joan Jackson! "Intimate, sincere, and real . . . The book is a perfect read for anyone interested in the authentic struggles of a family trying to move forward." (San Francisco Review)

Category: Literary

The Lion Trees
By Owen Thomas
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A multiple award-winning literary novel by critically-acclaimed author Owen Thomas! "A sweeping literary saga in the traditional 'Dr. Zhivago', 'Gone with the Wind', and 'The Thorn Birds', this book has it all... original and stirring." (The Eric Hoffer Book Award)

Category: Literary

The Man of Property (The Forsyte Saga Book 1)
By John Galsworthy
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"A social satire of epic proportions and one that does not suffer by comparison with Thackeray's Vanity Fair...the whole comedy of manners, convincing both in its fidelity to life and as a work of art.'' (The New York Times)

Categories: Historical Fiction, Literary