Emergency Response
By Dave Greenberg
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Stories from a life spent in the emergency services - true tales of rescue and adventure. When Dave Greenberg was just 13 years old, he saved a life for the first time, using CPR. He already knew that he wanted to spend his life helping others in times of crisis, and that harrowing event on a city footpath only confirmed this desire.

Category: Biography

A City Owned
By Oj Modjeska
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From the author of the aviation disaster ebook bestseller "Gone: Catastrophe in Paradise", "A City Owned" is the first installment of the two-part series "Murder by Increments", the true story of the worst case of serial sex homicide in American history.

Categories: Biography, True Crime

By Gregory E. Buford
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Winner of the PNWA Zola Award for best memoir, Kept: An American Househusband in India will have you scouring the house for cobras and wondering if you've got what it takes to walk on fire.

Category: Biography

Always Another Dawn
By Albert Scott Crossfield
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"Essential reading for anyone interested in the development of aviation after the Second World War as well as the how men like Crossfield risked their lives the early years of the space race in order to further our attempts to reach the stars." (Amazon.com)

Category: Biography

The Affordable Flight Guide
By Jen Ruiz
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If you've been wanting to see the world, but money has been holding you back, this guide is your solution. Once you figure out how to fly for less, you can start traveling more. Stop paying thousands of dollars in airfare and start outsmarting the airlines.

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Sheer Willpower
By Lauri M. Velotta-rankin
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"After reading this book three things are clear, Lauri Velotta-Rankin is a wonderful storyteller, superb writer and a top-notch investigative journalist. She exposes international adoption for what is mostly is: a fraud perpetrated on the most caring and needy among us." (Amazon.com)

Category: Biography

The Evolution of a State, or, Recollections of Old Texas Days
By Noah Smithwick
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"A gritty account of the early days of Texas from the pre-revolution days until Texas secession from the Union. highly readable, entertaining and enlightening. Texan or not, don't miss out on this book!" (Amazon.com)

Categories: History, Biography