StateofDecay by Peggy Martinez

Book Review: State of Decay by Peggy Martinez

“State of Decay” brings something unique (and very welcome) to the zombie apocalypse genre: a kick-butt heroine who doesn’t need anyone to survive on her own. This one grabbed from the first sentence: “Despite what you’ve been told, the Apocalypse doesn’t begin with fire raining down from the heavens, nor…

What to Read After ... Hunger Games

What to Read After . . . Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins changed the young adult reading landscape when her trilogy “Hunger Games” dominated both the bestsellers list and the box office. Here’s my list of five books to read once you’re done following Katniss and company. Matched by Ally Condie From the Publisher: Cassia has always trusted the Society…

Glimpses The Best Stories of Rick Hautala

Book Review: Glimpses by Rick Hautala

“Glimpses: The Best Stories of Rick Hautala” is a meaty collection of short stories that runs the gamut of horror themes, from futuristic terror to more supernatural scares. The first story, “Schoolhouse,” sets the tone for the book—when a man returns to his childhood schoolhouse, long since closed, it brings…

What to Read After ... Game of Thrones

What to Read After . . . Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin’s hit book series “A Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire Series)” has become one of the most popular fantasy series of all time and has spawned an insanely popular tv series! If you are anything like me, you tore through the book series pretty…

100 Days in Deadland (Deadland Saga) by Rachel Aukes

Book Review: 100 Days in Deadland by Rachel Aukes

Rachel Aukes’ “100 Days in Deadland” is a zombie novel that stands above many of the rest in this popular genre—it’s not only fast-paced and well-written, but also intelligent. The novel is based on Dante’s “Inferno,” segmented into the nine circles of Hell and thirty-four chapters to reflect the 34…

Review: Tankbread by Paul Mannering

Book Review: Tankbread by Paul Mannering

Tankbread is a disturbing post-apocalyptic tale. And make no mistake, it’s a dark, don’t-get-attached horror fest and a truly terrifying journey in to the absolute worst of human nature. But, (and this is a HUGE but!) it’s also a beautifully written story that left me both reeling and hopeful. The…

Review: Geddy’s Moon by John Mulhall

Book Review: Geddy’s Moon by John Mulhall

Wow! Ok, I am not just excited about the total gem of a book called Geddy’s Moon. I am even more excited because I have found an amazing talent in a brand-new-to-me author named John Mulhall and can’t believe this is his debut novel. Yay! A fabulous new author to read! Oh, this…