What to Read After . . . World War Z

Max Brook’s work “World War Z” changed the way we all look at the zombie genre forever when it dropped in 2006. It’s difficult to consider which book to read after such a fabulous find but here are some real gems I’ve read and love; I hope you do, too!…

book review floating staircase by ronald malfi

Book Review: Floating Staircase by Ronald Malfi

Ronald Malfi’s Floating Staircase takes what is a fairly commonplace horror novel plot—the successful horror writer finds himself in a supernatural situation—and turns it into some complex and multilayered, with both true emotion and true suspense. It’s an unforgettable read! Travis Glasgow has moved back to the United States from…

What to read after hell house

What to Read After . . . Hell House

Richard Matheson’s “Hell House” has helped to shape the horror genre and pave the way for other original and interesting stories. Matheson is a great start for anyone looking for a great horror novel, but his isn’t the only one out there. Here are some more great reads I really…

Book-Review: This Plague of Days by Robert Chazz Chutes

Book Review: This Plague of Days by Robert Chazz Chutes

In “This Plague of Days,” Robert Chazz Chutes takes the zombie novel and raises it a level—his story is filled not only with the ambling, hungry undead but also with true human evil. The book begins with a doctor in despair—a dangerous virus, later called the Sutr virus after him,…

What to Read After ... The Stand

What to Read After . . . The Stand

If you loved The Stand and are looking for other post-apocalyptic tales, take a look at these fabulous gems: World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks From the Publisher: “We survived the zombie apocalypse, but how many of us are still haunted by that…

book review the novellas by burke

Book Review: The Novellas by Kealan Patrick Burke

Kealan Patrick Burke’s “The Novellas” is a collection of four horror stories that represent the height of suspenseful entertainment! The book kicks off with a mountain camping trip gone bad in “The Tent”—Burke sets the stage for something creepy to happen in the prologue before shifting perspective to a married…

What to Read After ... Odd Thomas

What to Read After . . . Odd Thomas

Dean Koontz sure knows how to spin a tale! With his book “Odd Thomas,” Koontz flexes his mystery, suspense, and destiny skills to the maximum. Finishing the book will undoubtedly leave you starving for a similar read. Lucky for us all, Koontz isn’t the only author who is great a…