Beyond Dead

Beyond Dead
By Jordaina Sydney Robinson
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Total Pages: 349
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With funny, sassy heroines who break all the rules and whodunnits that keep you guessing until the very end this paranormal cozy is perfect for fans of Jana DeLeon and Angie Fox. [Over 500 four- and five-star reviews on Goodreads] ”A creative and unique mystery novel.” (Online Book Club)

Publisher's Description:

For fans of Jana Deleon and Angie Fox comes a new paranormal mystery series . . . set in the afterlife. You thought life was hard? You should try being dead!Death is not what Bridget Sway expected. Not at all. There are no harp-playing cherubs. There are no cloud cars. There aren`t even any pearly gates to walk through. Death is a fashion disaster of a uniform and a job that doesn`t pay. It`s a heinous communal living situation with housemates who have no concept of privacy or personal space. It`s a handsome parole officer who is a stickler for rules that no one has bothered to explain. And it`s a dead ghost stuffed into her locker.  Yeah. That`s what death is.  As the prime suspect, Bridget needs to figure out who the murderer is before she`s arrested. Or before she becomes the next dead body stuffed in her locker. If you like sassy heroines who break all the rules, laugh out loud hum[...]

Categories: Cozy Mystery, Humor, Fantasy

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