BECOME (Desolation #1) (Desolation Series)

BECOME (Desolation #1) (Desolation Series)
By Ali Cross
(133 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 286
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An award-winning young adult fantasy by USA Today bestselling author Ali Cross! ”With beautiful, lyrical writing, this is one story fans of paranormal romance will not want to miss! And the twist at the end has me craving book two!” (Susan Kaye Quinn)

Publisher's Description:

There is nothing the devil`s daughter wants more than to stay in Hell where it`s cold and lonely and totally predictable. Sixteen-year-old Desolation Black is an expert at keeping her emotions locked down tight. The last thing she wants is to return to Earth where there`s a girl she`s compelled to save and a boy whose touch ignites a terrifying spark of goodness deep inside of her. The Norse gods all have a stake in the choices Desi makes. Will she follow in her father`s footsteps? Or will she choose to become something entirely new?**”A phenomenal story of a girl who should, by all accounts, be a bad girl, but wants so desperately to be good. The story of Desolation Black and her trials as a normal teen, while trying to please her father (AKA: Satan) not only kept me on the edge of my seat, but left me questioning how I see the world. If a girl with such darkness in her life, can find[...]

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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