Bear Claw

Bear Claw
By Mark Stephen Taylor
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Total Pages: 140
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A picturesque historical by bestselling, award-winning author Mark Stephen Taylor! ”The author`s well-written and notably descriptive tales do indeed come to life amidst the breathtaking landscape of the Mt. Whitney region.” (

Publisher's Description:

Bear Claw is the renown Chief of 1870`s Lone Pine California Shoshone in the author`s `Lone Pine Western Series`, which stirring arrangement includes; ”Three Days in Lone Pine”, ”Still Waters, Legend of the White Wolf”, and, ”Moon of the White Wolf”. Readers of this most enlightening series have expressed a desire to know more about Bear Claw-his roots, his upbringing, and details of the man`s life prior to his first appearance as the aged and all-wise Shoshone Chief in, ”Three Days in Lone Pine”, first published in 2010. This particular edition of the series will attempt to satisfy that compelling desire, while at the same time bring to life an informative tale of Lone Pine`s early days and the alluring characters that were a part of it. Lone Pine, just below the great Mt. Whitney, is indeed a unique place-even to this day. This historic California town of the old west i[...]

Category: Historical Fiction

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