A Dead Red Alibi (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 4)

A Dead Red Alibi (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 4)
By Rp Dahlke
(611 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 276
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”Everything about it engages you: the storyline, the characters, the descriptions and the humour. Stephanie Plum step aside. I`m betting that if you like Stephanie you`re going to really like RP Dahlke`s Lalla Bains.” (Award-winning author Alana Woods)

Publisher's Description:

A lonely young artist with a dangerous sidelineA wanna be lawman and his shotgun toting grampaA priceless antique race car and an unfortunate Emu ”Stephanie Plum step aside,” by Alana Woods blogger ”When I see a book come up on my reading lists by RP Dahlke, I dive for them. I love her wit in her story telling. She develops great, believable characters that are easy to get to know . . . ” Pamela S, Amazon ”This was a WONDERFUL READ from start to finish! I started it at bedtime and figured it would help me fall asleep, but instead I stayed up all night finishing the book & didn`t get any sleep at all. The characters descriptions & aspects of their personalities are sprinkled throughout the book, yet I have a perfect full picture of each one in my mind (I just love Pearlie & her spunk)! The plot/mysteries had me guessing & sometimes clueless. It`s definitely NOT one of those book[...]

Category: Crime Fiction

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