A Cantata of Love (The Code Breakers Series Book 4)

A Cantata of Love (The Code Breakers Series Book 4)
By Jacki Delecki
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Bestselling, award-winning author Jacki Delecki ”... brings intrigue, assassination attempts and drama to you, wrapped up in a love story.” (Buried Under Romance)

Publisher's Description:

As the oldest son of the brilliant Harcourt code breaking family, the Earl of Kendal has never backed down from a challenge. When he accepts a dangerous clandestine assignment in Paris, he never expects it to be his last. But with his enemies hot on his trail, and a quickly worsening injury sapping his strength, even Michael Harcourt might not survive this one. Just as death seems imminent, he is saved by a young boy. . . or so he thinks. Lady Gabrielle De Valmont is not what she seems. Desperate to avoid the terrible fate that awaits her if she remains in France, she`ll do anything to escape, including disguising herself as a boy and helping a cunning Englishman. She can ignore the desire he stirs within her, for their alliance will be short-lived at best, a necessary evil. But when the danger follows her back to England, Gabrielle must rely on Michael for protection. When both lord and[...]

Category: Historical Romance

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