720 Linden Street

720 Linden Street
By Kc Decker
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A spicy erotic romance by bestselling, award-winning author KC Decker! ”Charming, energetic and effortless... a perfect juxtaposition to the unusual story lines and gasp-out-loud plot twists.” (Amazon.com)

Publisher's Description:

720 LINDEN STREET * A BDSM EROTIC ROMANCE * BOOK 2 in the JESSIE HAYES SERIES*Following Jessie Hayes` kinky introduction to BDSM at 1462 South Broadway, she now embraces her shameless journey into eroticism. Now her eyes are open to the sexy side of BDSM and kink that hide behind the doors of the exclusive sex club, 1462. The seductive atmosphere and her own sexual awakening lead her down a provocative, alluring path. 720 Linden Street is filled with heady desire, emotional intimacy, impossible choices and raw kinky sex. Trigger Warning: This book contains a sexual assault that some readers may find distressing.

Category: Erotic Romance

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