2020 Series (3 Book Series)

2020 Series (3 Book Series)
By Ever N Hayes
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The complete dystopian adventure series by bestselling author Ever N Hayes! ”Sets up quickly moves forward from there with an exciting mixed bag of friends and foes along the way, extra character drama, personal challenges and loss.” (Pure Wander Magazine)

Publisher's Description:

From Book 1: GET OUT. . . WHILE YOU STILL CANRyan Miner lost his wife, Sophie, four years ago. Her death nearly killed him. But, in a way, it also saved him. His parents, his kids, their friends--it saved them, too. It brought them to his cabin in the remote wilderness of northern Minnesota that second week of October, in 2020. They were there to celebrate what would have been Sophie`s 40th birthday. All things considered, life was good. Then. . . death came. . . again. A coded message on the radio spoke of a massive chemical attack. Over ninety percent of the country. . . dead!!First, a toxic apocalypse; and now, a military force is sweeping the country to finish off. . . EVERY. . . LAST. . . American. This was only the beginning. . . of The End.

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure

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