Murder in the Art Gallery
By Sandi Scott
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Book one in the brand new cozy mystery series by USA Today bestselling author Sandi Scott! "This book has humor and adventure and keeps your attention until the last sentence is written. Good reading!" (

Category: Cozy Mystery

By Meghan O`flynn
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Volume one in the bestselling thriller series by Meghan O'Flynn! "Delightfully twisted and dark and emotionally difficult and fantastic. If you like a brilliant Stephen King style mind-bender, this book is for you." (Nicole Knepper)

Category: Thriller

Dead in the Water (Scarlet Cove Seaside Cozy Mystery Book 1)
By Agatha Frost
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A light, cozy mystery read with an art loving, craft store owning, retired female detective, in a small fishing town on the British South Coast. "A fun cozy with a delightful hero! I hope to be reading many more of her adventures in this quirky little town." (

Category: Cozy Mystery

Shooting for the Stars
By R. G. Belsky
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A fast-paced mystery by bestselling, award-winning author R. G. Belsky! "Smart, juicy sequel to 2014's The Kennedy Connection....Belsky keeps this highly satisfying mystery zipping along right up to the final twist." (Publishers Weekly)

Category: Mystery

Any Port in a Storm (Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)
By Elaine Orr
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A twisty-turny cozy mystery by bestselling, award-winning author Elaine Orr! "Full of humor, adventure and even a little romance... a light, entertaining and fun read." (

Category: Cozy Mystery

The Lethal Helix
By Don Donaldson
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Bestselling, award winning author Don Donaldson "combines an insider's knowledge of modern technology with a real flair for making the reader's skin crawl." (Booklist)

Category: Thriller

PRIMAL Unleashed (A PRIMAL Action Thriller Book 2) (The PRIMAL Series)
By Jack Silkstone
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Book two in the bestselling action series by Jack Silkstone! "Every book in the PRIMAL series is packed with fast-paced special ops action... and the bad guys always deserve exactly what PRIMAL unleashes on them." (Jack Murphy)

Categories: Action & Adventure, Thriller