SolarKindle Cover Review

solarkindle ereader cover

A reading light, a charger and a back up battery source! Plus, a lighter way to travel and an easier way to read when on the go! Can you tell I am excited about the new SolarKindle?

This new product for the Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary introduction to the world of e-readers. It’s a case with a built-in solar panel to charge and also has a reserve battery, the solar cover is a perfect partner. Not only an attractive book cover, it is also designed to protect the Kindle from damage without being bulky. True to its word, the cover is light and durable and easily packs in with my stuff when I am on vacation.

The SolarKindle promises up to three months (three months!) of Kindle use under normal sunlight environment but it works well even on an overcast day and provides enough power to last for days.

The case also has a built-in LED reading light that will operate for up to 50 hours without drawing on the main battery. The cover’s built-in LED reading light provides light over the entire surface with very little glare.

Did I mention it’s easy to use? It just secures to the Kindle by slipping the device into the interior case and pressing it into place. No straps or latches are required. Removing the Kindle from the case is just as simple – just insert a small, thin, non-metallic object into one of the slots on the side of the case and gently release.

Charging is just as easy. Leave it in a windowsill. The SolarKindle case charges a spare battery for Kindle directly from the sun and once the gadget is topped up, the SolarKindle diverts power to a backup battery. Eight hours in the sun does the trick and the Kindle lasts about 2-3 weeks on this charge. Even if it runs low, it is nice to know the reserve battery is available. A light indicator shows whether your battery (reserve or main) needs charging.

This Kindle cover was released in early 2012 and won the Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award, 2012. the first of its kind, it can currently be used just with the Kindle 4, but there may be a Kindle Touch version available soon.

The SolarKindle Lighted Cover is no doubt an eco-friendly, space-saving,beautiful gadget that should be on any book lover’s list.

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