Sick (A Project Eden Thriller) by Brett Battles


I really enjoyed this book! Battles writing is clear and descriptive and you really feel like you are there – feeling the fear and rage and courage that Daniel Ash feels. I like that the storyline is so original, too; definitely a unique concept which is refreshing in a time when virus stories are often so similar to one another.

I LOVED the twist in the beginning when the men in biohazard suits come in to Ash’s house and he thinks they are there to help but they turn out to the be the bad guys. It is a great twist and not knowing who’s good and who’s bad that really drives the story along in a really organic and clever way. I also loved that his immunity protects him and essentially gives him that little extra something, which lets him really kick some bad guy butt! If you are looking for a thriller with lots of surprises, this is the book for you. And if you are a fan of a deep, emotional character-driven apocalyptic virus story with a twist, you will be very glad that you found this book!

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