Nook MultiTouch Review


The Nook 7″ MultiTouch is simple to use to read, surf, entertain, and stay connected with friends.  This eReader device is fully loaded with updated and worthwhile features: The weight, design, operational process, battery life, and speed are its strengths.

It has 8GB storage capacity (about 5Gb is user available) and Wi-Fi connectivity. I can watch movies, television shows, and listen to audio tracks with the Nook. I really enjoy the lightning–fast web-browser, email and running video options.

It has the VividView 7”color touchscreen which is an absolutely beautiful display. This multi-touch color screen displays about 16 million colors of ultra-bright designs with significant clarity.

It provides about 11.5 hours of battery life for reading and 9 hours of battery life for running video.

The Nook tablet has crazy fast video streaming and webrowsing. It came preloaded with free trials of Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Barnes and Nobel claims over 2.5 million titles and great deals from the Nook Daily Find along with magazines, comics, newspapers makes for one of the largest collections of digital content available on an ereading device. Speaking of comics, the Marvel graphic novels are amazing on it.

I find Wi-Fi  invaluable and the Nook’s is great. It isn’t fussy and just works, which is nice. Once charged, I was able to read, surf and chat with friends for a total of 11 hours before needing to recharge.  Videos, however, drain the batteries and cut my battery by a few hours at least.

As mentioned, The Nook Tablet has 8GB memory but can be expanded up to 32 GB.

I am not a big music listener but for those who are, Pandora comes with pre-loaded songs.

The Nook weighs in at a hefty 14.1 ounces. But since it’s back-lit I save weight with no external light or case so I don’t even notice it.

It measures 5 plus inches wide and is 8 inches tall with a depth of 0.48 inches.

It has adjustable fonts with 8 text sizes, 6 font styles, changeable background colors, line, and margin spacing options it just seems so very user friendly at every possible level. The built-in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is handy.

With its instant web plus E-mail, Wi-Fi, Microphone, 50+ supported file types on video, audio as well as a crisp clear easy-on-the-eyes display, pre-loaded Nook apps, and 512 MB Ram, the Nook is a great eReader with a lot of extra features for the price. Overall, I am very pleased with it.

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