My Favorite eReader Lights


eReader mini-lights are simple to use. They utilize small LED lamps to allow anyone to read in low-light conditions. If you are like me, your primary ereader has no backlight. I have been through many of these reading lights and after some trial and error here are my top three choices:

1. Mighty Bright Book Lights – XtraFlex2 L.E.D:

Even though I like all three of these lights, The Mighty Bright Book Light-XtraFlex2 is my favorite. You cant beat the price. It is a tiny lamp with a highly flexible and sufficiently long arm to get it in just the right spot. Weighing just about 4.6 ounces, it can also be carried around and fits perfectly in a purse or a back pack. The slim and flexible arm that it comes with is easy to stash anywhere, and it is super easy to adjust the angle of the light. It is the flexible arm that, in my opinion, what makes it better than any other product in the market.

The light comes with a tiny LED lamp that is tremendously bright for its size and its precision engineered reflector helps it to cast uniform light on the surface. However, I find that these lights have a non-glaring glow makes for a comfortable reading light. A dimmer setting allows for two levels of brightness. These LED lamps last a really long time. I have never heard of anyone having to replace them.

Yes, it does work on AAA batteries but they don’t drain fast. I like AAA because they are cheap and easy to replace as long as the lighting product doesn’t suck them dry every few days. The batteries in this light last a good long time.

I can’t say enough good things about the gooseneck design which makes these lights a great utility feature that clips on wonderfully to any e-reader.
This is a great light for reading in bed. I never hear complaints from my husband with this light.

By far my favorite for initial cost, low to no glare, and good use of batteries.

2. Pathway Lights eReader Lite:

This e-reader light is the perfect little thing. I really like it. It simply clips to the top of any device, and shines down evenly on the e-reader screen. By virtue of its position, (that is, on the top edge of the e-reader), this light shines down uniformly throughout the screen enabling reading no matter what level of light is available. Since it clips right to the e-reader or its case, this light can of course be used with any eReader including the Nook, Kindle and Kobo, or even “regular” books.

The spring which clasps on to the e-reader is padded so that it doesn’t leave any scratches on the device, and this is perhaps one of the most important things about this light, apart from the quality of the light that it gives.

The Pathway LiteTM comes with long lasting LED light bulbs that shine down really bright. Even though it is an external light source, the glare is really minimal. The good quality and long shelf-life of these LED bulbs means they never need to be replaced. The light works with three AAA batteries. Some lights are just a drain on battery life. I find this light is much better in this respect compared to other lights I’ve tried.

The angle of the light can be adjusted depending on the reader’s needs. The light has a high-power and low-power feature to adjust the brightness of the lamp to two levels.
Overall, the Pathway Lights e-reader Lite is great for reading in low-light conditions, with minimal glare, and even amount of light across the display and batteries that last.

3. Kandle II:

I never tried the Kandle 1 so I can’t comment but I have been using the Kandle 2 so I thought I would include it here. The Kandle 2 by Ozeri Clip-on Reading Light is basically designed for use with the Kindle (hence the borrowed name) but it can be used with any eReader. It is powered by three ultra-bright LED lamps and offers long lasting brightness with minimal battery usage.

The new intelligent LED sensors in the lamp automatically power off when the lid is closed to prevent any accidental loss of battery power. I can’t even count the number of times I have dozed of reading with the lights still on. What a waste! I like this feature on the Kandle.

The Kandle comes with a patent-pending WideLipTM design attaches snugly to the Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other eBook readers without blocking the screen or scratching the device. The design ensures that the light stays firmly in place and does not slip out whatever angle you the e-reader is placed in.

The LED lamp has 3 brightness settings to choose from and all three settings ensure a uniformly distributed light over the screen. The feel of the plastic of the Kandle 2 is almost velvety and it comes in a variety of colors including white, black and graphite.

This light does use lithium ion batteries which are slightly hard to find. But I think they are well worth it because the batteries really do last a long, long time.

I liked that the Kandle 2 comes with its own protective pouch that allows it to be safely carried. It just feels more protected in my purse.

The Kandle 2 is a little pricey but is a great option for those on the move and people who love to read their books at night but are worried about disturbing others around them. I considered the extra cost compared to other lights as an investment since batteries last so long with this light.

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