Must Love Murder

Must Love Murder
By Etta Faire
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Book 1 in the bestselling cozy mystery series by Etta Faire! ”Well plotted, well written, with believable characters [with] enough twists, turns, and red herrings to make it really interesting.” (

Publisher's Description:

When newly divorced Marcie starts working at her aunt`s sketchy matchmaking service, she knows it`s going to be rough. Helping people fall in love is the last thing she wants to do, even though she and her three kids could really use the money. Love is a sham, after all, and now she has to hawk it out like a coat full of fake Rolexes. But she never expected she`d be helping to solve the murder of her aunt`s neighbor, a rich prepper who made his millions selling survivalist supplies, and hated women about as much as Marcie hates men. He had a lot of enemies and, unfortunately, Marcie`s aunt was one of them, and quickly becomes a suspect in his murder. While clearing her aunt`s name, Marcie finds herself connecting deeper and deeper into the prepper`s life. She`s maybe even starting to like the guy, but worse, she also finds she`s starting to fall for one of the main suspects on her own su[...]

Category: Cozy Mystery

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