Little Deaths by John F.D. Taff


I discovered John Taff online when I read “Snapback” one of his short stories in a sci-fi forum and I was instantly hooked. I went online to look for more of his work and found this collection of his short stories. They are just as well written and terrifying as “Snapback” (which is included in this collection) and I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes scary stories, sci-fi stories or horror movies. One of my favorite things about Taft is that instead of just going straight for the scare he does a great job of building suspense. As the story unfolds you just get more and more freaked out so that you are just itching for something scary to happen! My favorite story in this collection is “Here” which is a very clever and creepy ghost story that dog lovers will definitely enjoy. This collection is great because it contains stories that really span the range of the scary/horrific/creepy/futuristic and there are not any repetitive themes. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection and I plan to gift it to my BFF (who LOVES horror stories!) for Christmas.

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