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Free Kindle Books

Formerly called Shades of Gray. The award-winning Civil War novel Shades of Gray has a new happily-ever-after ending in this book called Noble Cause. Author’s Note: This novel is a new version of Shades of Gray with a Happily-Ever-After ending.Noble Cause is the recipient of the coveted John Esten C…Noble Cause: A Civil War Novel of Love and War
By Jessica James
(22 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 384

“This novel will quickly take it’s deserved placeВ alongside such classics as The Chronicles of Narnia and George R.R.В Martin’s Game of Thrones”В –K. Price, Amazon Reviewer”ONCE WE WERE KINGS is a must read for any fan of young adult fantasy. If you like C. S. Lewis and the Narnia series, you will…Once We Were Kings (Epic Fantasy) (The Sojourner Saga)
By Ian Alexander
(13 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 490

With one week to find the stolen stone from the Heart of Egypt, Luke Hayden, one of the premiere agents of the 1874 US Secret Service, travels in disguise across the continent When he learns Maj Bentzer, a woman he’s loved in the past, plays a key role in the stone’s disappearance, he’s not su…Heart Quest (Western Historical Romantic Suspense) (President’s Orders)
By Tara Manderino
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 261

NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK!The bullet that killed Eliza Gentry’s fiance shattered her dreams as well. Clinging to her battered faith, she heads west to escape her grief and runs headlong into the man who caused it.Tall and headstrong, Eliza expected to remain an “unclaimed treasure.” Devastated…More Precious Than Gold (Sangre de Cristo)
By Lynn Dean
(17 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 223

Our lives are like branches on a tree, and once you choose to move down one, you almost never can go back and see where the other one would have lead. What-if?In “Come What May”, this is the dilemma that 62-year-old Cayla Lysander has lived with and wrestled with. This is one woman’s story of “what-…“Come What May”
By Laura A. Diaz
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 46

Leviathan: a super big, super deadly aerospace carrier a klick and a half long, boasting a crew of three hundred officers and five thousand enlisted. It’s a dangerous platform, but not just because of its weapons.Suphora: a waterworld lightly sprinkled with land, where one billion intelligent monk…Leviathan
By Albert Michaels
(0 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 362

In 1775, Sarah Himmel, reared parentless in the Moravian Christian community of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, marries a stranger to accompany him as a missionary to the Indians of the Ohio wilderness. On the banks of the Elk’s Eye, Wind Maiden dreams of a man but marries a boy. Despite the two women’s di…Dancing through Fire
By JoAnn Hague
(8 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 318

What if the very foundation of the Church’s teachings was a lie perpetuated through the centuries at its highest levels?In 533 an ecumenical council ordered by the Roman emperor made it a crime of heresy to continue to teach or believe in what had long been held as the very teachings of Jesus – …The Unveiling
By Stefan Alford
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 314

PRODIGY – Novella for the Christian SpiritFIRST of TWO Novellas of the Prodigy Saga Word Count: Approx. 31, and PRODIGY NEW CREATION are designed to transport the heart and soul to places hidden within the human spirit. These novellas reveal how God influenc…Prodigy – Novella for the Christian Spirit
By Kevin Ninomiya
(0 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 74

Stephen Benson is ecstatic when triplets he fathered are found and just as devastated when he learns that the man who adopted them was a man he hated. The tangled web of deception that was woven fifteen years prior comes back to haunt both Stephen and the triplets’ mother, Chella, as they strive t…Whisper of the Sun (The Shadows Dim)
By Pamela Carron
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 272

A Regency Romance set in Ancient KoreaAbandoned by her five brothers for far-flung adventures and trapped by her small, nosy village, Charlotte Falwell feels alone. And so very bored. Her only escape? Sword fighting, and she must disguise herself as a man to practice at a salle. When childhood rival…Indeed: or, Miss Falwell Ventures Abroad
By Bethany Marcello
(0 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 176

Dorothy Stein was a middle aged woman who was unsettled and looking for answers in her childhood haven. She found them in the most unexpected ways after an encounter with a supernatural stranger. Follow her through her journey of the discovery of herself and God….Generations of Chains
By Kristen Hawkins
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 46

This is Biblical Fiction about the night that the apostle John received the Revelation….John (Sketches of Glory)
By Clifton Voshen
(0 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 14

A Vow to Keep is a love story with a difference, set in Southern Africa. Alicia makes a vow to God to remain single to pursue her dream of becoming a missionary. When she takes up employment at Braedon’s business, she tries to fight her growing feelings for him. Braedon cares for Alicia from the beg…A Vow to Keep
By Kathleen Bosman
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 156

It is the near future. Ancient prophecies of the Antichrist have been realised in the rise to power of charismatic politician, Christopher Martinez. As the long-anticipated Man of Sin tightens his grip on mankind, only a remnant of the faithful remain to resist his hellish ambitions — among them, J…The 70th Week: Wrath of the Lamb
By Ivan Latham
(0 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 160

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