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Action: Epic Adventures that tell tales of lost worlds, revenge, heroes, underdogs, military experts, crime specialits, and other exciting characters. Lots of physical action & exotic locales! Enjoy!

Fantasy: Delve in to incredibly imaginative worlds with uniquely talented characters, vivid scenery and amazing imagery. In the mood for sword & sorcery, superheroes, mythical, magical, paranormal, historical, or urban fantasy? You will find some gems here!

Historical: Historical Fiction transports us to another time with richly drawn characters in bye-gone days! From whodunnits, to westerns, romance, time-travel and more, step back in to the past for a delightful read!

Horror: Oh Horror! My favorite! Isn’t it so fun? From gothic to supernatural, from classic ghost story to monsters, vampires werewolves and Zombies, a creepy but oh so entertaining Horror read is waiting!

Kids 0-12: Lots of great Kids reads here! Super fun, illustrated tales about animals, people, science and sports are just a click away. Kids will learn and have a ton of fun with these wonderful books!

Mystery: An edge-of-your-seat Mystery/Thriller is always fabulous! Lots of good reads in this genre like political thrillers, spy fiction, medical suspense, legal thrillers, whodunits, psychological thrillers and more. Find a great page turner here!

Religious: Religious Fiction is just the ticket! This category includes wonderful freebie finds chock full of surprising elements like mystery, romance, science fiction, historical, and/or adventure all with an important spiritual message to share.

Romance: Isn’t it wonderful to get lost in a well-written romance book? We’ve got lots of variety in this category with everything from contemporary tales to fantasy, ghost, historical, suspense, time-travel, paranormal stories and so much more! Find a great romance read today!

Sci-Fi: An alternate future/history is waiting! From alien invasions to apocalyptic end-of-the-world tales we’ve got it all! Looking for punk, military, space operas, and/or a touch of romance even? Check out the Sci-Fi category for a fab free find right now!

Teens: A great Teen/Young Adult book is waiting! This category includes lots of exciting finds with everything from action to fantasy to horror to romance! Happy reading! :)