Exes and Ohs

Exes and Ohs
By Beth Kendrick
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Total Pages: 320
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”A novel that revolves around odd coincidences, but Kendrick`s funny, light style makes these situations seem plausible. This entertaining novel will have readers believing anything can happen.” (Booklist)

Publisher's Description:

exit the groom. . . Child psychologist Gwen Traynor has learned the hard way that ”perfect” men aren`t always what they seem. After being dumped the night before her wedding, she`s understandably wary of diving back into the dating pool. But when she meets Alex Coughlin, she`s convinced her luck is changing. He`s smart, handsome, funny -- an ideal rebound guy. She doesn`t intend to fall in love with him, but scintillating dates and mind-blowing physical chemistry have a way of winning a girl over. enter the ex. . . Just as things are heating up with Alex, Gwen meets her newest patient -- a precocious preschooler whose chaotic soap opera-actress of a mother, Harmony, sounds an awful lot like one of Alex`s crazy ex-girlfriends. Mostly because she is one of Alex`s crazy ex-girlfriends. Unfortunately for Gwen, Harmony has a secret that plunges them all into a real-life daytime drama, com[...]

Category: Contemporary Romance

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