Dirty Duet (Found in Oblivion Book 3)

Dirty Duet (Found in Oblivion Book 3)
By Cari Quinn
(117 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 276
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A hot and funny rocker romance by USA Today bestselling authors Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott! ”A love triangle, some rock tunes and a little blunt talking make this a fantastic read...cute... sexy... and a slice of heaven.” (Delighted Reader Reviews)

Publisher's Description:

He`s the wildest guy in his band, but falling for a virgin groupie-in-disguise might be his craziest move yet. Keyboardist West Reynolds`s idea of commitment? Going out for breakfast with a woman after a night of bed-breaking action. The only thing he gets serious about is Warning Sign, the band he formed with his two best friends. Then he meets a woman being hauled off by security, and she`s fascinated by him. To her, he`s a subject to study. Like a bug under a microscope with a big. . . head. Lauren Bryant is a student of psychology, and now she`s going in depth on rockstars. Specifically, fans. What makes a woman turn into a lust-driven groupie?Is it the music?The fame?The men?She isn`t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. One where he`s on top, doing some studying of his own. . . She isn`t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar[...]

Category: Contemporary Romance

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