Death Overdue (Librarian Mysteries)

Death Overdue (Librarian Mysteries)
By Mary Lou Kirwin
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Total Pages: 257
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”How can you not buy this cozy debut with its catchy title? Kirwin succeeds at creating a winning heroine whose amateur sleuthing efforts make for a fun, gentle puzzler with a touch of love.” (Library Journal )

Publisher's Description:

In the second novel in the ”engaging” (Booklist) cozy library mystery series, Karen must work to clear her beau`s name after his ex-girlfriend is killed by a falling bookshelf while staying at his inn. The Case of the Killer Case? Ropes, revolvers, daggers, arsenic. . . . They are the classic, go-to murder weapons, from Christie to Clue. But death by bookcase? With one good shove, a crafty killer can keep investigators guessing: did it fall or was it pushed? That`s what sassy Midwestern librarian Karen Nash must determine-and if so, who did the pushing-when an avalanche of books and splintered wood fatally flattens Sally Burroughs, the ex-girlfriend of Karen`s squeeze, London B&B proprietor Caldwell Perkins, who appears the most likely suspect for murder. In the library. With the bookcase. And maybe he has grounds? Just as he and his librarian love are making a go of opening their dr[...]

Category: Cozy Mystery

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