Dead Tropics by Sue Edge


This is such a superbly scary and original zombie story! Lori is a great female lead – tough, smart, prepared to survive (she is a nurse which is a perfect profession for a character as they prepare to survive the zombie apocalypse) – and you really get invested in her character and her story. I was rooting for her from the very beginning of the story and as she is dropping off her kids, you are like “Uh oh, this is going to turn out to be a bad decision later on… don’t leave your kids!” I thought that a lot of the setups that were in the story were really unique and made the story way more interesting than just your average zombie story – like the part where she is trying to convince the principal at the school that zombies are coming – clever and realistic; I can totally imagine a principal being obtuse like that! I loved that her sister lived in a tree house – it made for a great setting to fight off some zombies. If you like zombie flicks like 28 Days Later or zombie stories like the Walking Dead serials, you have found the right book.

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As of the date of this post, Dead Tropics is not available for Kobo or Nook.

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