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Free eBooks-Sports: 11-1-2014

Free Sports ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

Time for more freebies! Have fun discovering some great new Sports books in this latest list of free deals :)

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for November 1, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

This listing was last updated with free book bargains at 6:14 am PST.

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Plucked from his beloved Italian country-side, severed from his family, and placed on an ocean liner in the bay of Naples, Antonio Russo, just ten years old, embarks on the journey of his life. As he steps foot onto New York soil with not a word of English, his pockets stuffed with salami and provolone cheese and wearing a pair of shoes for the occ…

Wrestling With the Devil
By Tonya Russo Hamilton
Subgenre: Biographies & Memoirs
(32 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 312
Free Kindle eBook

About The Book:
In the pages of our beginners’ guide to self-defense, it is our hope that you gain a newfound knowledge and coat of security in the topic of self-defense.
We created this guide for those that have always wanted to educate themselves in the important fields of self-defense and have chosen NOW as the time to begin.
We would like to st…

Self Defense for Beginners – Be Your OWN Hero!-
By Jacob Hill
Subgenre: Safety & First Aid
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 86
Free Kindle eBook

‘Twas the night of first practice, when all through the park
Not a parent was complaining, not even one bark.
The rules were explained to all in the stands,
In hopes that the parents would simply be fans.
(…and later…)
And then in a flash I heard a Dad scream,
“My son is the best on this whol…

Poem: ‘Twas The Night Before Baseball… (Poem Books)
By Drew Coolidge
Subgenre: Sports
(14 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 13
Free Kindle eBook

Three wild and crazy women take a hike on a remote, unoccupied island off the coast of Alaska. A good time is had by all. Of course!…

Women Gone Wild on Kayak Island (CJ’s Outdoor Adventure Series)
By CJ Hernley
Subgenre: Nature & Ecology
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 11
Free Kindle eBook

Fishing – A Step-By-Step Guide to Freshwater Fishing
Do you want to go out fishing? Does freshwater fishing make you excited? Do you lack the information to get started, but would enjoy this interesting activity? If the answer of all these questions is ‘Yes,’ then you are at the right place. This book is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for…

Fishing – A Step-By-Step Guide to Freshwater Fishing
By John Salar
Subgenre: Safety & First Aid
(4 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 63
Free Kindle eBook

The Ultimate LeBron James Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains more than 150 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about this still young NBA star. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two wi…

The Ultimate LeBron James Fun Fact And Trivia Book
By Mark Peters
Subgenre: Trivia
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 23
Free Kindle eBook

Are you or a loved one unable to stop drinking or using drugs, yet tired of the endless cycle of pain and consequences? Recovery IS possible and it’s not as frightening as most make it out to be. Addiction is a cruel and subtle disease that robs it’s victims of so much. Those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction are often baffled by its affe…

Kickstart Your Recovery: The Road Less Traveled to Freedom from Addiction [NOOK Book]
By Taite Adams
Subgenre: Health
(11 customer reviews)
File size: 3 MB
Free Nook eBook

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Staying health and food preventing illness is the number one goal of most families today. If or when sickness strikes, it usually means missed days of work or school. The purpose of this book is to inform you of the ways you can keep from getting sick and show you how to stay well….

Your Health & Food Safety [NOOK Book]
By BD Manus
Subgenre: Health
(3 customer reviews)
File size: 85 KB
Free Nook eBook

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F.I.T. is a complete, no-nonsense, guide to getting fit, written by 4 times World Karate Champion, and International Fitness Coach, Paul Choy….

Fitness Is Tough, But The Effort Is Worth It [NOOK Book]
By Paul Choy
Subgenre: Health
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 192 KB
Free Nook eBook

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'Four Downs' is a football magazine written in a question and answer format that discusses the fictional US-CFL football league. This football league, created by an 11 year-old NFL fan, is so vivid the players pop off the page. Eg.- “The Adam Armageddon”- Adam Jackson, Campbell and Bowes, are three wide receivers for the Georgia Knights w…

Four Downs
By Jacob Willis
Subgenre: Sports, Football
(1 customer reviews)
Free Kobo eBook

(Four Downs has 4.00 Stars/1 Reviews on goodreads)

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