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Free eBooks-Sports: 12-22-2014

Free Sports ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

If reading Sports books is your favorite pastime, you can always find something new to read right here with our ever-updated freebie listings.

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for December 22, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

This listing was last updated with free book bargains at 11:00 am PST.

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Can two arch-enemies reconcile? One man found they can if someone will demonstrate grace, mercy, and faith.
Rescue the Captors II follows on the heels of Russell’s first book, Rescue the Captors I which was written to his captors while they held him hostage for five months in the jungle of Columbia. Who feels like showing love to angry guerrillas …

Rescue the Captors 2: Faith Can Move Mountains
By Russell M. Stendal
Subgenre: Conflict Management
(18 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 175
Free Kindle eBook

What can you learn on a tennis court besides tennis? More than you might think. You can learn to work, to take instruction, be tolerant, be gracious, love the one you’re with, love the unexpected, follow through with what you start, be adventurous, be grateful, be useful, be extraordinary, follow rules, be patient, be honest and generous, learn to …

Tennis: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN LIFE YOU CAN LEARN ON A TENNIS COURT (Life Skills and Character Development in Sp
By Sally Huss
Subgenre: Motivational
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 35
Free Kindle eBook

I dedicate this book to all the children of divorce, both young and old, who are searching for meaning and peace in their lives. I want to give them hope. After forty years of searching, I have finally come to peace with my own life. I now realize that God loves me, and even when I didn’t realize he was there, he was watching over me and leading m…

Homeless to Hall of Fame
By Capt. Shane Watson
Subgenre: Biographies
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 54
Free Kindle eBook

Happy Holiday Season!For the second year in a row I will be giving away free all of my older eStories that I can – about 50 different ones – beginning the 20th of December and continuing through Christmas Eve.The last give away resulted in over 9,000 free downloads!This year I will also be giving away at the same time two completely new stories, on…

Jump Through The WIndow: Advice To A Beautiful Young Woman From An Aging Old Fool
By Will Bevis
Subgenre: Motivational
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 18
Free Kindle eBook

Two unrelated men share the same last name, work on the same campus, and are driven by the same desire for professional success. One is a coach and the other is a professor. An ethical dilemma ensnares them both and threatens to derail their careers. Who will do the right thing? What is the right thing? All events are fictional, but the underlying …

Johnson and Johnson: A Short Story about Athletics and Academics in College Sports [NOOK Book]
By Larry LaForge
Subgenre: Sports and Adventure
(4 customer reviews)
File size: 205 KB
Free Nook eBook

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To raise IQ levels and ward off dementia, play Sudoku. To do the opposite, play football. That?s the fear concussion experts are mulling these days as more is known about the damage that head injuries can cause. The more research uncovers, the less looks good about the basic motions that make up sports like football ? and that?s without…

Lasting Impact: How the Murky World of Concussions Might Be Causing Permanent Damage Even Among Those Who Will Never Go
By Jen Slothower
Subgenre: Sports and Adventure
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 130
Free Nook eBook
(Lasting Impact: How the Murky World of Concussions Might Be Causing Permanent Damage Even Among Those Who Will Never Go Pro [NOOK Book] has 4.00 Stars/3 Reviews on goodreads)

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Recollections of Lakeland hunting in the ’50s and ’60s. This first volume is an introduction to further, larger volumes which will be compiled from the popular web site Lakeland Hunting Memories established three years ago by Ron Black and Wendy Fraser. Here are some pages that are soon to be archived….

Lakeland Hunting Memories – Volume One [NOOK Book]
By Wendy Fraser
Subgenre: Sports and Adventure
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 352 KB
Free Nook eBook

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Today only, get Detox Diet: The Ultimate Detox Diet Guide – How To Detox Your Body, Lose Weight Naturally, Eliminate Toxins & Feel Great Through Detox Diet PlanHere Is A Preview Of What You`ll Learn…Basic Information about DetoxificationBasic and Advanced Detoxification MethodsHow Detoxification Helps in Losing WeightDetox Diet PlanMuch, much mor…

Detox Diet
By Jessica Cambridge
Subgenre: Nutrition & Diet, Nutrition
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 25
Free Kobo eBook

(Detox Diet has 4 Stars/2 Reviews on amazon)

By the end of 2012, Bay Area boxers Andre Ward, Nonito Donaire and Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero all were rated among the top 10 fighters in the world, pound for pound, mentioned in the same breath as Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.Not since Northern Californians James J. Corbett and Jim Jeffries were heavyweight champions in the early 1900s …

The Kingpin Trio/How Three Bay Area Champions Became the Class of Boxing
By Colin Seymour
Subgenre: Sports, Boxing
(1 customer reviews)
Free Kobo eBook

RotoAcademy is the world`s first fantasy football training school. I founded RotoAcademy to bridge the gap between the average fantasy football player and the game`s elite, and I`ve teamed up with some of fantasy football`s top minds to create educational lessons designed to help you win your league.In this Volume 2.0 edition of Lessons from RotoAc…

Fantasy Football for Smart People: Lessons from RotoAcademy (Volume 2.0)
By Jonathan Bales
Subgenre: Games, Role Playing & Fantasy
(10 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 174
Free Kobo eBook

(Fantasy Football for Smart People: Lessons from RotoAcademy (Volume 2.0) has 5 Stars/10 Reviews on amazon)

Will You Love Me can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts. This is PART 1 of 3 (Chapters 1-9 of 27). You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback. The eleventh memoir and latest title from the internationally bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass. This book tell…

Will You Love Me?: The story of my adopted daughter Lucy: Part 1 of 3
By Cathy Glass
(92 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 120
Free Kobo eBook

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