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Free eBooks-Sports: 11-22-2014

Free Sports ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

Aren’t free books awesome? We think so, too! Hope you enjoy these brand new Sports gems.

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for November 22, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

This listing was last updated with free book bargains at 3:59 pm PST.

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I am an expert on weight loss. No, I do not have a degree in nutrition, nor am I in a health care profession. That doesn’t mean I’m not an expert in the field.
My expertise comes not from a book, but from personal experience. After lengthy calculation, I figure I’ve lost something like 500 pounds over the last thirty years. Unfortunately, those lo…

Weight Loss After Menopause: How I Lost 75 Lbs By Changing The Way I Eat And Think About Food
By Glenda Burney
Subgenre: Weight Loss
(7 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 27
Free Kindle eBook

The Ultimate Guide On How Flexible Dieting Can Build A Bigger, Leaner and Stronger You!
Have you been working hard on your fitness goals only to continually be disappointed when you see others bigger, leaner and stronger than you? How are they so lean? Why is it they appear to be eating whatever they want and still …

Flexible Dieting Maximum Results: The Ultimate Guide On How Flexible Dieting Can Build A Bigger, Leaner and Stronger You
By Chris Cole
Subgenre: Other Diets
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 21
Free Kindle eBook

REVIEW: Fascinating and incredible biography from a cross between James Bond, Louis Leakey, Columbo and Indiana Jones.
Behind the scenes – exploration, the remote world, crime, secret agents, tribes, rebel wars and more!
At age 21, Quinn Matthewson was the youngest member in history of the Adventurer’s Club of Chicago and a distinguished military g…

There’s a LION Under My Bed: A Life of Adventure and Intrigue (Quinn Matthewson Biography Books Book 1)
By Quinn Matthewson
Subgenre: Travelers & Explorers
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 312
Free Kindle eBook

PLEASE NOTE – This is only part one of the full book (the European leg). It is intended as a free promo item and will be given away for free for a few days every few weeks. Please do not buy it if you want the full book, which is available on Amazon. for more on the ride.
“A challenge that tested Tom to his limit but in retu…

Every Inch of the Way; My Bike Ride Around the World – PART 1
By Tom Bruce
Subgenre: Cycling
(27 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 254
Free Kindle eBook

Alaska’s King Crab fishery is no place for a woman… or is it? You decide. Two seasons out on the deadly Bering Sea could make anyone have second thoughts. It’s a double dose of the crabs for this seafaring gal. Take your motion sickness medicine and hop on board for another wet and wild adventure in the great, frozen, north….

A DOUBLE DOSE OF CRABS: The World’s Deadliest Catch… (CJ’s Outdoor Adventure Series)
By CJ Hernley’s Outdoor Adventure Series Volume 6
Subgenre: Winter Sports
(4 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 33
Free Kindle eBook

What motivates a professional cyclist to enter the dark, seedy world of systemic doping, and what measures will he take to cover this up?
A young, American professional cyclist-Philip LaPont-is coerced into a team sponsored doping program while attempting to be chosen for a Tour de France cycling team. At first he dislikes cheating, but then he beg…

Cast the First Stone
By Shawn Rohrbach
Subgenre: Sports
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 187
Free Kindle eBook

One of the most popular and contentious conversations you will hear from boxing fans is the subject of how a fighter from a previous era would have done against a present day champion. Here we take a look at how popular boxing champion Manny Pacquiao would have fared in various “fantasy fights” against boxers from different time periods. Pacquiao i…

Manny Pacquiao vs the Modern Greats
By Richard Poche
Subgenre: Boxing
(1 customer reviews)
Free Kindle eBook

“Bereavement Help” offers practical help to deal with some of the more difficult symptoms of bereavement such as being unable to sleep, constantly thinking about your loved one, having your mind in a constant whirl, constantly re-living the death, depression, anger, guilt, inability to accept the death, and seeing the dead person? All these thing…

Bereavement Help [NOOK Book]
By Dick Underwood
Subgenre: Health
(4 customer reviews)
File size: 143 KB
Free Nook eBook

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This book is written for those who want the short and sweet version of what they can do to begin incorporating health and wellness into their lives. The segments of this book are meant to stand on their own as a brief and direct discussion of issues related to mind, body and spirit. It should be used to start your personal path to wellne…

One Minute to Wellness [NOOK Book]
By Brent Swartzlander
Subgenre: Health
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 79 KB
Free Nook eBook

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Gary Sapp, an avid sports fanatic, enlightens football fans with his vision of an expanded playoff system in the place of the four team format that the NCAA will unleash in 2014….

Fumblerooski: How the NCAA dropped the ball on the coming playoff. [NOOK Book]
By Gary Sapp
Subgenre: Sports and Adventure
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 181 KB
Free Nook eBook

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Winner of the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Award and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association® Zola Award
Sometimes destiny has the last word (and laugh)
Fate thrust them together Blackmail and deception tore them apart Nineteen years later, their children’s love reunites them Now, only truth and forgiveness can make the…

A Little Bit of Deja Vu – The Return to Redemption Series Book One
By Laurie Kellogg
Subgenre: Sports, Football
(690 customer reviews)
Free Kobo eBook

Fourteen-year-old Kevin Johnson is forced to summer in rural Wisconsin with grandparents he barely knows while his parents try to salvage their marriage. Kevin expects boredom but instead finds the opposite. Adding to his excitement is the beautiful pianist next door. But he pledged his heart to another and must be true.Luckily, Grandfather has a b…

Baby Grand: The Beginning
By Bill Ellingsen
Subgenre: Sports, Motor Sports
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 276
Free Kobo eBook

(Baby Grand: The Beginning has 4.2 Stars/6 Reviews on amazon)

Not Like My Mother – Becoming a sane parent after growing up in a crazy family By Irene Tomkinson, MSW WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT IRENE… ”A successful therapist, Irene is a gifted teacher and communicator. She takes complicated psychological constructs and puts them into language that is easily understood. She weaves her own powerful story of rec…

Not Like My Mother: Becoming a sane parent after growing up in a CRAZY family.
By Irene Tomkinson
Subgenre: Family & Relationships, Parenting
(165 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 180
Free Kobo eBook

(Not Like My Mother: Becoming a sane parent after growing up in a CRAZY family. has 4.1 Stars/165 Reviews on amazon)

The team that won the first World Series in baseball's modern era is now officially a part of the Sports by the Numbers franchise!THE TEAM: The Boston Red Sox dominated the early 20th century, winning five World Series titles before the Evil Empire tasted postseason success for the first time. With the 86-year nightmare that followed now firml…

Boston Red Sox: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports
By Tucker Elliot
Subgenre: Sports, Baseball
(2 customer reviews)
Free Kobo eBook

(Boston Red Sox: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports has 4.50 Stars/2 Reviews on goodreads)

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