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Free Reference eBooks: 12-22-2014

Free Reference ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

Don’t have enough Reference books on your Kindle, Kobo or Nook? You’ve come to the right place! Get the very latest freebie finds from our updated listings!

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for December 22, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

This listing was last updated with free book bargains at 1:06 am PST.

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Career happiness is a huge part of overall life satisfaction, but many people feel uncertain when evaluating career options. To write this book, psychologist and career coach Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli interviewed 12 people whose expertise is helping people choose careers. The contributors describe strategies to find or create career paths tha…

Help Me Find A Career: Strategies To Choose Work You Will Love
By Janet Scarborough Civitelli
Subgenre: Guides
(45 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 137
Free Kindle eBook

Need Weight Loss Motivation? Want to know the secrets on how to stay motivated to lose weight, once and for all? Then this book is for you!
Once you read this book, you will have all the motivation you need to lose weight. Order now and get a FREE Weight Loss Food Guide.
The truth is that everyone can lose the weight they want, but most peopl…

Weight Loss Motivation Secrets: The 10 Top Techniques To Lose Weight Fast (Motivation To Lose Weight, Weight Loss Tips,
By Charles Hope
Subgenre: Holistic
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 24
Free Kindle eBook

Pickled foods have been enjoyed by billions of people world wide for thousands of years. Learn how incredibly easy it is to make your own pickled food in a single afternoon! There is no pressure canning involved or overly specialized equipment needed to pickle food. This primer was made with the absolute newbie in mind and is written with step by s…

A Primer on Pickling: Learn How to Pickle Food in a Single Afternoon!
By Homestead Dreamer
Subgenre: Reference
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 17
Free Kindle eBook

What would a kindergartner write about me? Probably something like: Mr. Halpern is funny. He is handsome. He likes to laugh. I love Mr. Halpern. How can I top that? Who doesn’t want to be funny, handsome, laugh all the time, and be loved by their students? What they don’t know is I left a dreary cubicle job for the exciting, never boring life of a …

Look at My Happy Rainbow: My Journey as a Male Kindergarten Teacher
By Matthew Halpern
Subgenre: Certification & Development
(41 customer reviews)
Free Kindle eBook

These 5 early readers each use words directly from the Dolch pre primer sight word list. Each book features bright, colorful illustrations and simple text with bold print. A word list is included at the end of each book for review. Your child will be on the road to reading success as they master these beginning sight words!Created by bestselling au…

5 Sight Word Books For Beginning Readers (Volume 1) (I Love Reading)
By Cindy Bracken
Subgenre: Instruction Methods
(28 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 55
Free Kindle eBook

YOUR GUIDE TO FIND ‘THE’ SPEECH TOPIC IDEADo you want to give a speech but you are stuck because you don’t have a speech topic idea? You are at the right place. ‘Speech Topic Ideas’ is your cheat book to find that perfect idea for giving an amazing speech.More specifically, you will learn how to:Know what is the ‘perfect’ topicDec…

Speech Topic Ideas: How To Find Your Perfect Speech Topic
By Ramakrishna Reddy
Subgenre: Education Theory
(22 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 52
Free Kindle eBook

This is an educational book for babies, toddlers and very young children. It features 14 different shapes, and 14 different colors. The shapes include not only the basics, but hexagon, pentagon, octagon and a few more advanced ones. There are also some tips to parents at the end for more ideas to reinforce the learning of shapes and colors to ch…

Shapes & Colors For Children: Including Hexagon Pentagon Octagon
By Amber Richards
Subgenre: Children’s Books
(13 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 17
Free Kindle eBook

Living Out Your God-Given Dreams Beyond The Colorful Coat releases Joseph from being just a patriarch found in Genesis and while Joseph’s actual life was threaded early into the world’s history, he has a message that we must draw from now if we will raise up a Joseph generation today. This narrative of the story of Joseph characterizes precepts an…

Beyond the Colorful Coat (Living Out Your God-Given Dreams)
By Lydia Chorpening
Subgenre: Motivational
(9 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 259
Free Kindle eBook

Happy Holiday Season!For the second year in a row I will be giving away free all of my older eStories that I can – about 50 different ones – beginning the 20th of December and continuing through Christmas Eve.The last give away resulted in over 9,000 free downloads!This year I will also be giving away at the same time two completely new stories, on…

Make Me Young and Hot: My One Day Return to Seventh Grade
By Will Bevis
Subgenre: Humor
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 26
Free Kindle eBook

Do you want to sell more? Sell with less stress? Build better relationships? Communicate more effectively? Learn Anthony Solimini`s secrets of sales success with three easy words: TRUST, COMFORT, and CONFIDENCE. Sales professional Anthony Solimini is passionate about ……

S.A.L.E.S.=$OLD [NOOK Book]
By Anthony Solimini
Subgenre: Professional and Education
(17 customer reviews)
File size: 210 KB
Free Nook eBook

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Choices is a Social Story that can be used with children who believe that they don’t have a choice in their bad behaviour. It is designed to introduce the concept that we don’t have to use limited ways of reacting to common emotions like anger, sadness and worry. It is a great way to introduce calming strategies to children and to support Acceptanc…

Choices [NOOK Book]
By Laura Green
Subgenre: Professional and Education
(3 customer reviews)
File size: 2 MB
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There are many reasons to organize and simplify your financial life. Eliminating clutter, saving time and reducing stress are surely among them. And here’s another motivating factor: Not keeping tabs on your finances can be costly if it results in fees or interest charges you could have avoided, investment losses, additional taxes or other pitfalls…

You Can Organize and Simplify Your Financial Life: A How-To Guide: Tips To Save Time, Reduce Stress And Cut Costs [NOOK
By Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Subgenre: Professional and Education
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 12
Free Nook eBook

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Novelsmithing provides the beginning novelist, or perhaps even the experienced novelist who has lost his way, with a discussion of the underlying structure and methods of novel writing. Nowhere else can the aspiring author learn the skills necessary to achieve the organic unity of the novelist’s divine trinity: character, conflict and theme, so nec…

Novelsmithing, The Structural Foundation of Plot, Character, and Narration
By David Sheppard
Subgenre: Reference & Language, Reference
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 240
Free Kobo eBook

(Novelsmithing, The Structural Foundation of Plot, Character, and Narration has 4.7 Stars/6 Reviews on amazon)

Each year we hear about many accidents with firearms. They happen because many gun owners don`t know simple gun safety rules. This ebook describes how to store, transport, carry and use firearms safely. Its main purpose is to educate new and existing gun owners. This ebook is free to make it available for all shooters and to make the gun community …

Gun Safety Guide
By Vitaly Pedchenko
Subgenre: Graduate & Professional, Armed Forces
(19 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 26
Free Kobo eBook

(Gun Safety Guide has 4.3 Stars/19 Reviews on amazon)

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