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Free Business eBooks: 04-15-2014

Free Business ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

Don’t you love finding a great new-to-you author? We hope you do in the list of free Business books we’ve posted today.

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for April 15, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

This listing was last updated with free book bargains at 8:48 pm PST.

Please Note: Prices can and do change frequently. Always verify the price before placing your order. All prices are accurate (for US Customers only) at the time of posting.


Alex, I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me. I have said this time and again, but the day I met you really did change my life. You know I was a single parent struggling to pay my bills, and you changed all that. Without your help I would never have realized just how easy it is to make money online, you explained mar…

Guru’s Dream: …The dream they sold me. (Trilogy)
By Alex Jefffeys
Subgenre: Entrepreneurship
(4 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 161
Free Kindle eBook

Facebook Marketing: How to Make Money (Learn from a Seasoned Multi-Millionaire Internet Marketing Veteran) by William T. Cooper
Businesses now have the opportunity to learn how to make money using Facebook by tapping into the mind of a proven Facebook marketing expert. Learn how proper Facebook business page setup, targeting / attracting the “right…

Facebook Marketing: How to Make Money (Learn from a Seasoned Multi-Millionaire Internet Marketing Veteran)
By William T. Cooper
Subgenre: Marketing
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 20
Free Kindle eBook

Absolutely! Create a Routine to Keep Your Sanity in a Crazy World is full of gentle reminders that simple actually work. Sometimes, we have to do things that seem counter-productive to actually get more done! In this e-book, Susie gives you step-by-step instructions, various examples and visuals of how to schedule, easy-to-understand points, and mo…

Absolutely! Creating a Routine to Help You Keep Your Sanity in a Crazy World: Simple Steps to De-Stress and Organize You
By Susie Glennan
Subgenre: Time Management
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 35
Free Kindle eBook

The more you sell, the less the client trusts you to tell them the truth. The more you sell, the less inclined the client is to listen. The more you sell, the more you tend to look (and act) like a hammer looking for a nail – where any nail will do. In reality, the more you sell, the less you win.This is entirely counter-intuitive to the average …

UnSelling: Sell Less … To Win More
By Peter Bourke
Subgenre: Sales & Selling
(45 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 53
Free Kindle eBook

Former mortgage brokers James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. detail exactly how credit scores are calculated and how a consumer can quickly raise their score. Check out our YouTube video which gives an overview of what is in the book - book is based on years of working with individual clients with c…

Credit (Repair) Scoring Secrets – What They Don’t Want You To Know
By James Paris
Subgenre: Budgeting & Money Management
(31 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 33
Free Kindle eBook

Have you ever wanted to find your passion in life?
More than ever, people today want live in a passionate, meaningful way. Unfortunately, very few know how to go about discovering what is possible, choosing a career, or even begin on the journey toward uncovering their purpose.
In Finding Your Passion, the author uses a series of simple steps to cl…

Find Your Passion: Simple Steps to Discover Who You Are, How to Choose a Career, and How to Find Your Purpose in Life!
By Derick Van Ness
Subgenre: Job Hunting
(16 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 59
Free Kindle eBook

Successful Minute Taking and writing. How to prepare, write and organize agendas and minutes of meetings. Learn to take notes and write minutes of meetings. Your role as the minute taker and how you interact with the chair and other attendees. I’d rather throw myself downstairs – That was how I used to feel about minute taking; this book is for tho…

Successful Minute Taking and Writing – How to Prepare, Organize and Write Minutes of Meetings and Agendas – Learn to Tak
By Heather Baker
Subgenre: Systems & Planning
(12 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 118
Free Kindle eBook

The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance lays out the professional expectations for both small business owners and virtual assistants in a 48 page eBook that will also teach you:- Why a VA is not an employee (and how this benefits you!)- The best places to find a virtual assistant online.- How to maximize your RFP (Request for Proposa…

The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance – How to Find, Hire, and Work with a Professional Virtual Assista
By Tess Strand
Subgenre: Management & Leadership
(12 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 52
Free Kindle eBook

Are you working yourself into the ground by trying to get it all done in your business?Have you tried to delegate but got burned?Currently delegating, but still feels like you have a thousand things on your to-do list to do?What if I said there is a way of getting your team to do things right the first time, every time.Want to learn how to delegate…

The Truth About Delegation: Grow Your Profits By Leveraging Other’s People Power, Time, & Talents
By Yvette Syversen – Business Strategist
Subgenre: Management
(10 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 32
Free Kindle eBook

Discover Book Ideas
The secret to creating books that sell on Amazon is to write them around topics that currently capture the attention of the masses and that have the chance of being discovered by people hungry for the information. Most authors don’t know where to find the right ideas for writing books, so they flounder with books that only sell …

Discover Book Ideas: Kindle Niche Book Ideas That Sell Books, Make Writing Faster, and Create Best Sellers (Write a Book
By Dean R. Giles
Subgenre: Book Design
(9 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 79
Free Offer Expired

Are You New To Or Are You Trying To Figure Out Some Popular Gigs That Will Make You Money?
When I first started, I was stuck and couldn’t figure out what gigs to post or how to get them to sell. So I searched online, and couldn’t find much. So, after a few months of struggling and trying to figure out what worked and what did…

Ways to Make Money Using – Includes 25 Gigs You Can Use To Start Making Money Online Today
By Patrick Kennedy
Subgenre: E-commerce
(9 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 27
Free Kindle eBook

Free Today Only! $10 Value! Download now and learn our instant rapport technique!This Book Will Teach You:How to start and hold a conversation with anyoneHow your body language is crucial when building rapportHow to display open and welcoming body language How to create vocal rapportThe rapport cycle and how to build rapport each step of the way…

The Art Of Instant Rapport: How To Build Instant Rapport With New Friends, Romantic Interests, And Coworkers
By Ben Night
Subgenre: Sales & Selling
(7 customer reviews)
Free Offer Expired

True salesmanship is different than having a silver tongue and manipulating people into buying your product or service – it’s about using people skills and effective communication to build a relationship.
Whether you’re selling inexpensive widgets or multibillion dollar equipment, the fundamentals are the same and the ability to connect with your c…

Salesmanship: Discover How to Use People Skills and Effective Communication to Close More Sales Ethically
By Derick Van Ness
Subgenre: Sales & Selling
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 49
Free Kindle eBook

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be as confusing as the last episode of “Lost.” (And it certainly doens’t have to involve any smoke monsters.)In Search Engine Optimization That Doesn’t Suck, Michal Rogan of Punk Rock Marketing shares his latest, cutting-edge tips on how to optimize your website for:a) maximum visibility in the search engi…

Search Engine Optimization That Doesn’t Suck (Vol.4 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection)
By Michael Rogan
Subgenre: Direct
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 82
Free Kindle eBook

Getting into debt is the seems like the easiest thing to do today. Jeremy Jacobson’s book is about preventing and getting out of debt forever. In this book you will learn and find out:
-The different types of money disorders
-Which money disorder you have and how to fix it
-The intelligent way to spend
-How to pay off your credit card debt fast

Why You Are Dead Broke! Make Money Your Best Friend and Get Out of Debt FOREVER!
By Jeremy Jacobson
Subgenre: Budgeting & Money Management
(6 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 75
Free Kindle eBook

There are dozens of JFK assassination conspiracy theories, but this book deals with a scenario that most have never considered. In June of 1963 President Kennedy authorized the Treasury Secretary to issue $4.3 billion dollars in Silver Certificate currency. This currency could be issued directly by the U.S. Treasury without the involvement of The …

JFK Assassination: Executive Order 11110 – Did The Fed Kill JFK?
By James L. Paris
Subgenre: Murder & Mayhem
(4 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 77
Free Kindle eBook

Text spinning is an important part of building Adsense and affiliate websites. There are many tools and desktop software programs that will spin text for you, but what you really need is the ability to spin text on a web page in real time.With a little bit of php programming knowledge you can easily do just that, and now you can learn everything yo…

Website Text Spinning With PHP
By John Elder
Subgenre: E-commerce
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 138
Free Kindle eBook

In better times,Detroit was a city of over 2 million with bustling industries.Examples included steel, iron, freight cars, lumber, pharmaceuticals and cigars.
It was a leading industrial center in the Midwest.From the peak,Detroit has fallen. Now, the city has filed for a Ch.9 in the U.S.Bankruptcy Court for the E.District part of Michigan.Eithe…

A Detroit Rebirth
By Dr Joseph S Maresca
Subgenre: Reference
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 20
Free Kindle eBook

Going back to work after being in the military can be a daunting yet rewarding experience. As a veteran re-entering the workforce or looking to change jobs, you may face a unique set of challenges as you become accustomed to civilian situations, expectations, and demands. Your recent experiences may be very different from those of the av…

Heroes Get Hired: How To Use Your Military Experience to Master the Interview [NOOK Book]
By Michelle Tillis Lederman
Subgenre: Business
(2 customer reviews)
File size: 2 MB
Free Nook eBook

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Back in 1973 and 1975 when the Internet was in its infancy the two Wells Reports recommended the setting up of a national university network in the UK. This book presents the definitive history of JANET, from the Flowers Report of 1965 that led to the setting up of the Computer Board through to the unveiling of the SuperJANET5 backbone in 2006 that…

Janet: The First 25 years [NOOK Book]
By Christopher S Cooper
Subgenre: Industries
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 5 MB
Free Nook eBook

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