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Free Business eBooks: 07-25-2014

Free Business ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

Find a wonderful (and free!) Business book in the list below. When you find one you love, don’t forget to share it and write a review.

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for July 25, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

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This is a personal story of hard work and success, with one of the ventures having been destroyed by the machinations of the venture capital world. A must read for any entrepreneur seeking working capital.
A study guide on the do`s and the don`ts when working with investors. Real secrets to starting a business and making it a success.
How to avoi…

Evil in the Boardroom: The Perils of Venture Capital / Courage through Faith
By Dewayne Adamson
Subgenre: Business & Professional Growth
(15 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 167
Free Kindle eBook

If you think you might have a problem with Procrastination, and you can see the detrimental effects it has on your life and therefore want to change your ways, then this book is for you!
Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.
Okay, let’s fac…

Procrastination Cure: How to Be More Productive & Get Things Done Now
By K.B. Bryson
Subgenre: Success
(8 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 30
Free Kindle eBook

YouTube is a very popular video sharing platform that is viewed by over a billion unique people monthly. On YouTube, there are many ways to earn money, and this book will show you exactly how. In addition, this book will provide you with vital information that will show you how to increase your channel’s exposure, so that you can get more views, li…

YouTube Strategies 2014: The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Stream Of Passive Income
By Alan Woods
Subgenre: Sales & Selling
(3 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 45
Free Kindle eBook

End your relationship with clutter, debt, and overspending. In Beyond Basics: Eliminating Excess, Living on Less, and Loving It, you’ll find more than 200 frugal living tips, along with down-to-earth advice for clearing your home and your life of the clutter and bad habits that are weighing you down.
By living well within your means, you will open…

Beyond Basics: A Guide to Eliminating Excess, Living on Less, and Loving It
By A.E. Kennedy
Subgenre: Motivational
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 125
Free Kindle eBook

First Preview of the Second Edition !!
I almost got thrown out when I suggested to the head of a well-known educational establishment that I wanted to tell students about business.
‘How dare you pollute the pristine environs of this august institution’ was what her eyes said to me. To her business smacked of greed and accumulation. I can hardly bl…

The Business Parables: the big picture through short stories
By Venugopal Gupta
Subgenre: Business & Money
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 60
Free Kindle eBook

Would you like to spend $1 to make $35, $55 or even $10,000. This guide will give you the info on 25 games you can buy at yard sales and resell for $35 and up….

Yard Salers Guide NES Video Games: 25 games you can buy at yard sales and resell for $35 and up
By Jimmy Kelly
Subgenre: E-commerce
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 26
Free Kindle eBook

They say action speak louder than words. My book, “Armageddon by Casino”, and my awareness campaign effort, “Project Furious 2014″, are both my actions that speak the truth about the damaging effects of casinos and why we should repeal the 2011 Expanded Gaming Act on the ballet vote on November 4, 2014. This book is me standing out front to make…

Armageddon by Casino
By David Ewen
Subgenre: Company Profiles
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 38
Free Kindle eBook

Getting Organized is a collection of simple ideas that address at least six major issues that could be generating chaos and disorder in your life. The ideas are presented in a simple format, with specific suggestions on how to put each idea to work, so busy people can find the time to read and try them.
Even if you`ve tried unsuccessfully to get …

Getting Organized: Improving Focus, Organization and Productivity
By Chris Crouch
Subgenre: Stress Management
(57 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 178
Free Kindle eBook is a perfect opportunity for those interested in selling crafts online, but lack technical knowledge. By spending less time on creating and maintaining a website, you can spend more time working on your craft or freeing yourself for other activities. In this guide, Etsy Shop owner Elyse Reynolds teaches the ins and outs of making money se…

Etsy Selling Success: Cash In On Your Creations
By Elyse Reynolds
Subgenre: Home Based
(52 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 52
Free Kindle eBook

In 1912, the late, great Dale Carnegie first codified the ‘’rules” of public speaking, coaching business people in public speaking and presentation skills. Prior to that time, there were neither ‘’rules” nor any recognized trainings available.In nearly a century since then, countless teachers, trainers, and courses have either taught Carnegi…

The Public Speaking Gold Mine
By Kerry O’Hallaron
Subgenre: Communications
(14 customer reviews)
Free Kindle eBook

Liz Cassidy, a leadership coach and speaker who runs workshops every week and connects with thousands of people every year, gave up on traditional networking because “it doesn’t work!” She adapted her natural style to find out what did work and after giving talks on “Networking On Purpose” and getting a huge positive response she developed this …

Business Networking Success: The 5 Easy Steps to Building Your Business Network Without EVER Going to Another Business N
By Liz Cassidy
Subgenre: Multilevel
(11 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 64
Free Kindle eBook

The story of how an old Marine was robbed by his banker at the point of a pen….

Bank of Crooks & Criminals
By Ken Rossignol
Subgenre: True Crime
(10 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 68
Free Kindle eBook

Start making serious extra money in your spare time right now.
No experience necessary!
Make Money as a Process Server will show you how by becoming a registered Process Server and serving legal papers in your area for big profits. You don’t even need to know what a process server is to begin earning money as one and you can do it today!
Written by…

Make Money as a Process Server: Earn Your First $100 Serving Papers Today!
By Joseph R. Click
Subgenre: Entrepreneurship
(8 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 56
Free Kindle eBook

Do you wish you could write well or write better? Does the thought of writing a report, essay, article or book fill you with discomfort, or worse, horror? Do you end up staring at a blank screen for hours not knowing how to start? Even if you don’t find the prospect of writing painful, would you like to discover simple techniques and tricks that co…

How to Write Better: Improve your writing of letters, essays, stories, articles, papers and books using quick, easy and
By Martin Li
Subgenre: Business Writing
(8 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 78
Free Kindle eBook

The Blog Money Method That WorksHow To Make Money BloggingThe Proven SystemThis shows a different and far better way of running a blog for money.Earn more money far more quickly than normalThe common way of making money from a blog takes a long time and results are often minimal. You’re about to learn how to blog for money a better way.The income i…

The Blog Money Method That Works: How to make money blogging (The proven system)
By Ian Stables
Subgenre: Home Based
(8 customer reviews)
Free Kindle eBook

Now available for free from April 4-6!
Are you looking for ways to make extra money?
Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Are you tired of not being able to pay your bills? Do you need ideas on how to bring in extra income?
This short book (~11,000 words) is packed with ideas to help you find ways to make extra money.
Some of the areas inc…

How To Make Extra Money: Ways To Increase Your Income And Pay Off Your Bills
By Dana Whitney
Subgenre: Personal Transformation
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 48
Free Kindle eBook

After Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in price from $13 to over $1,000 in 2013, everyone’s been asking me – What is Bitcoin? Will it revolutionize the current monetary system? Will it make me rich if I invest in it now? So I set about answering these questions and many more!
In the pages of Bitcoin: Millionaire Maker or Monopoly Money? You will find all y…

Bitcoin: Millionaire Maker or Monopoly Money?
By Yvonne Jenkins
Subgenre: Finance
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 49
Free Kindle eBook

Starting a business is one thing but growing it is another.
How do successful companies like Dropbox and Groupon gain lots of customers to the point where they don’t even need to market any more?
I know it sounds quite extreme and quite far fetched to even think your business could be on par with them, but there are certain marketing techniques the…

Growth Hacking: The New Internet Marketing (How To Build Virality Into Your Business) (The Ultimate eBook Series To Get
By Daniel Rogers
Subgenre: Marketing
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 45
Free Kindle eBook

Everyone wants to make money.
We spend hours every week driving to and from work, wasting our lives away at jobs we hate just for a paycheck that never feels like enough.
If you’re tired of struggling, if you’re tired of the rat race, if you’re tired of aging at a job you can’t stand, it’s time to start selling Kindle eBooks.
While you’ve probably …

How to Make a Living Selling Kindle eBooks
By Beth Jones
Subgenre: Multilevel
(4 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 28
Free Kindle eBook

Kill the Normal is an in-depth study on how design has evolved, how it impacts global society, and what it reflects about the ideals of cultures from around the world. From nearly microscopic 3D-printed organs to the theories behind modern architecture, this book went from the microcosm to the macrocosm and connected them in clever and accessible w…

Kill The Normal: The Secrets of Revolutionary Designs
By Can Akdeniz
Subgenre: Industrial & Product Design
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 170
Free Kindle eBook

(note: This is a long article length information piece, not a 40 page ebook) To make your business the most successful it could possibly be you have to have patrons, right?
In order to be your most successful in the marketplace they need to prefer your business over the competition. You should know how your buyers think and act in regard to makin…

Your Perfect Patron
By J. S. Generaco
Subgenre: Research
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 14
Free Kindle eBook

A relatively new means of creating direct and passive income online known as GPTS sites (Get Paid to Surf) has been cropping up with relative frequency. The basic concept of a GPTS is that a user signs up to a particular site and then is paid a certain amount of money to complete tasks, surveys or to view videos or is rewarded by referring others t…

The Beginners Guide to Making Income: Success with GPTS Sites
By Kyle Fuhrer
Subgenre: Home Based
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 35
Free Kindle eBook

If you are reading this, you have found one of the best and easiest ways to make a great living at home with very little start-up money! Not only does Amazon`s FBA service allow you to generate outstanding profits with only a minimal amount of effort required, but you are able to launch your business with almost NO start-up expenses by simply selli…

Amazing Amazon FBA Work From Home the Easy Way! (Expanded and Updated) [NOOK Book]
By Frank Florence
Subgenre: Business
(89 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 116
Free Nook eBook
(Amazing Amazon FBA Work From Home the Easy Way! (Expanded and Updated) [NOOK Book] has 4.5 Stars/89 Reviews on amazon)

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SamEnrico provides publishers, authors and content creators with interactive appstore source codes, designs, API’s and easy to use publishing tools which lets them create downloadable eBooks, magazines and newspapers for sale within their own dedicated application(s), all configured for upload to app stores and retail outlets that will…

How To Publish eBooks, Magazines & Newspapers [NOOK Book]
By SamEnrico
Subgenre: Business Biography
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 193 KB
Free Nook eBook

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A bare bones checklist to help you format your book for Smashwords(TM)….

Quickie Guide to Formatting Your Book for Smashwords [NOOK Book]
By Cynthia Joyce Clay
Subgenre: Business Biography
(1 customer reviews)
File size: 215 KB
Free Nook eBook

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Author Sharon E. Cathcart presents a compendium of her most popular blog posts on the business of writing. With subject matter ranging from building relationships with one’s readers to creating a brand statement, this book provides answers to some of the questions Cathcart has encountered during her career as an author….

Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors
By Sharon E. Cathcart
Subgenre: Writing & Publishing, Publishing
(4 customer reviews)
Free Kobo eBook

(Some Brief Advice for Indie Authors has 4.50 Stars/4 Reviews on goodreads)

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