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Free Biography/Memoir eBooks: 12-19-2014

Free Biography Memoir ebooks for Kindle Kobo and Nook

There are a lot of choices for free Biographical books at eReaderPerks! Take a look at today’s post below.

This post includes the very latest free book listings for Kindle, Nook and Kobo for December 19, 2014. Brand new freebie offers will be added to this list throughout the day so check back for the most recent deals.

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Elvis Presley was a virtual unknown when, in 1956, he strutted his stuff in front of a national television audience for the very first time. By year’s end, following a dozen TV appearances, he was an international superstar. Over the next two decades, Elvis turned to TV whenever his career required a boost or a complete makeover. “Channeling Elvis:…

Channeling Elvis: How Television Saved the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll
By Allen Wiener
Subgenre: Actors & Entertainers
(7 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 332
Free Kindle eBook

In 2007 Alex Richards moved his young family from rural Worcestershire in the United Kingdom to Darfield, a small township about 30 km West of Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. Having never visited New Zealand prior to the move, the learning curve was steep and the experiences came thick and fast as Alex and his family threw themsel…

New Zealand Calling
By Alex Richards
Subgenre: Travelers & Explorers
(2 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 273
Free Kindle eBook

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos *** People Love Reading Gary Player Unauthorized & Uncensored “My brother and I are some of his fans. This book was interesting.” – Baron Wrightb> “Watching him made me like golf. This was terrific.” – Leonard Jackson This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and mor…

Gary Player – Golf Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)
By Joe Riley
Subgenre: Rich & Famous
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 27
Free Kindle eBook

Did you ever consider leaving your life behind and start over someplace else?
I never did. Up until today.
Do I have a return ticket?
Will someone wait for me at the airport?
Do I have a plan?
Do I speak English?
Absolutely not.
Then why do I get onto the flight to London when I originally planned to go to Frankfurt?
Well, it …

One Way Ticket to London
By Angela Kiss
Subgenre: Travelers & Explorers
(1 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 177
Free Kindle eBook

Employing the notorious GhB a drug that can virtually turn anyone into a willing slave, combined with the potentially lethal power of hypnosis, gang stalkers on two continents, the latest technology for monitoring and recording all voyeuristic activity, these outwardly “respectable” criminals send her on a journey into a 21st century hell which def…

SPIKED – The story of a woman drugged with GhB and how she was turned into a criminal.
By Sharron Gold
Subgenre: Organized Crime
(42 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 224
Free Kindle eBook

A Memoir of Awakening. Imagine your world falls apart. You lose everything and there is nowhere left to turn. Then you hear a voice that says, Go Naked!From a cold stark beginning in Kansas City, Missouri, to a healthy and empowered ending in Manhattan, this beautiful story demonstrates the triumph of the human spirit and the power of love to trans…

By MaryAnn Fry
Subgenre: Memoirs
(37 customer reviews)
Free Kindle eBook

•What would you do if the hero of your family was diagnosed with Alzheimer`s disease?
•Would you call up the nearest nursing home?
•Would you stop everything and become the lifeline for this person, for the rest of his or her life?
Christine Zimmerman made that choice. She chose to drop college temporarily, and take the lead in caring for her …

Beyond Forgetting
By Christine Zimmerman
Subgenre: Memoirs
(26 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 301
Free Kindle eBook

Grant Maxwell examines the recorded music of popular culture with the same subtlety and care as he brings to the literary and philosophical texts of high culture. He seeks not just breadth of knowledge but coherence of insight; not just accumulation of knowledge but depth of understanding.
Richard Tarnas, author of The Passion of the Western Mind

How Does It Feel?: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Philosophy of Rock and Roll
By Grant Maxwell
Subgenre: History & Criticism
(9 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 335
Free Kindle eBook

This is a true story of young adults and their struggles to survive. It’s 1929 in Brooklyn, New York. Wall Street is to see the beginning of what became “The Great Depression” of the United States. The good times of the Twenties were suddenly over. Katrina, sixteen, a daughter of German immigrants, loses her job, and is thrown out of the house by h…

For Crying Out Loud
By Marie Kinneer
Subgenre: Memoirs
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 174
Free Kindle eBook

Ness City Chronicles, A Young Boy’s Adventures in a 1930′s Western Kansas Town, is a heartwarming, and occasionally heartbreaking collection of childhood memories. Each story is a small treasure; a snapshot of the past that delights the reader, yet still manages to illustrate the struggle people faced just to ‘get by’ in post-Depression America. Al…

Ness City Chronicles
By William Lohnes
Subgenre: Historical
(4 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 49
Free Kindle eBook

Redjeb Jordania is the son of the first president of Georgia, Noé Jordania. All my Georgias is a book of memoirs structured as a compilation of real life stories that paint a vivid picture of the author`s lifelong journey through the hectic 20th century . These stories are told in a masterful manner, fascinating, sometimes comical, with historica…

All My Georgias: Paris-New York-Tbilisi [NOOK Book]
By Redjeb Jordania
Subgenre: Biography
(5 customer reviews)
Total Pages: 252
Free Nook eBook
(All My Georgias: Paris-New York-Tbilisi [NOOK Book] has 4.6 Stars/5 Reviews on amazon)

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Eyewitness to the Indian Wars The author of this book, Captain John Bourke, served on Crook’s staff for sixteen years between 1870-86. This put him in an ideal position to witness campaigns against the Indian tribes on the Western Plains, waged by the United States Army under the command of a general who was described by Sherman as ‘the greatest In…

On The Border With Crook [NOOK Book]
By John G. Bourke
Subgenre: Biography
(4 customer reviews)
File size: 2 MB
Free Nook eBook

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This is the true story of my heart wrenching and horrific battle with alcoholism. From my very first drink at 14 until I was suffering on the streets as a homeless alcoholic, you will feel the utter darkness of an addict and the hope of recovery. I have decided to make this eBook FREE as I know deep down that those who need it, may not be able to…

The Devil In the Shadows [NOOK Book]
By Trevor Kucheran
Subgenre: General and Miscellaneous Biography
(2 customer reviews)
File size: 321 KB
Free Nook eBook

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Do you know Wasao? He is long coat Akita dog, and very famous in Japan. Because, He has unique appearance both cute and ugly. It’s called Busa-kawaii in Japan. Also, he is a movie star. The movie “WASAO” made roadshow in seven countries in Asia. This e-book is photo-story of his true life….

WASAO The Big Puppy
By Takeshi Kudo
(21 customer reviews)
Free Kobo eBook

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