How Nook’s LendMe Works


Now we can lend or borrow an ebook with Barnes and Noble LendMe Technology for Nook users!

Here’s an overview: The B&N LendMe feature allows a person to loan a book once to one person. Many books can be loaned to the same person, but a book can only be lent out once. So it’s wise to choose carefully since we only get one shot to lend. Each book can be lent for a period of 14 days. Keep in mind that if it is returned easly, it is still not able to be lent again. Also, only a LendMe enabled book can be lent out . (Currently, about 20% of the B&N library is LendMe supported.)

Borrowing a book:
When a book is lent, a notification appears on the borrower’s Nook. The borrower can then go to his or her Library and accept or reject the offer to get the book on loan. This offer is open only for 7 days and if the borrower doesn’t respond within this time, the offered book goes back into the lender’s library, and is available to be loaned to someone else. If the offer to lend is accepted, it will appear for download in the bottom color display of the borrower’s Nook and it is then added to the borrower’s device for 14 days. The book’s title will appear along with the words ‘From a friend’ and will display the number of days left in the borrowing period. The borrower simply returns the book through the B&N website once he or she is done reading the book.

Loaning a Book:
To lend a book, the lender must first locate a LendMe supported book from his or her Nook Library. Next, the lender will tap the selected book and hold till the LendMe pop-up appears. Once the lender selects the LendMe option, he or she can choose a contact the borrower from an e-mail list or from among Facebook friends. The book will now be offered on loan to the selected borrower who can then follow the Borrowing a Book instructions above. In the meantime, the words ‘On Loan’ will appear in the lender’s Library and the lender will have no access to it until the book is returned.

Important: A book will not be loaned out to a person if he already has that book or if he rejects it. This leaves you free to loan the book to someone else.

The LendMe service is currently under beta testing but it is working well according to most users. It is a great opportunity to share books.

Oh, and LendMe does not require a Nook device to participate. Lenders and Borrowers can use any compatible e-book reader or a B&N e-reader app enabled device.

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